Podcasts are one of my favorite ways to consume content, and Downcast is the app I use on my iPhone. I have a blog post post in the works that describes how I use podcasts. Here is a list of the podcasts I subscribe to. It is organized by category and within each category listed roughly in order of preference.

The * means it is included in my Favorites playlist, which means I listen to every episode.

Business and Leadership

  • Tim Ferris Podcast
  • Entrepreneur on Fire
  • *Entreleadership (Dave Ramsey
  • *This is Your Life - Michael Hyatt
  • *Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders (Stanford University)
  • Smart Passive Income - Pat Flynn
  • *Evernote Blog
  • a16z (Andreeson Horowitz)
  • Andy Stanley Leadership Podcast
  • Dan Miller - 48 Days



Personal Growth


  • The Dave Ramsey Show
  • *In the Loop with Andy Andrews
  • Eventual Millionnaire
  • Beyond the To Do List


  • *The Fat Burning Man
  • *Primal Blueprint
  • *Bulletproof Radio
  • *Get Fit Guy's Quick and Dirty Tips
  • *The Health Bridge
  • Ben Greenfield Fitness

Religion and Family

  • LDS General Conference
  • CES Devotionals for Young Adults
  • New BYU Speeches
  • Focus on the Family (Daily Broadcast, Focus on Marriage, and Focus on Parenting)
  • Classic BYU Speeches