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Dave Olsen is a licensed CPA in both the United States and Canada. He combines his love for and expertise in business, numbers, and technology to become your strategic business advisor while also efficiently and accurately taking the administrative details off of your plate.     

With Masters degrees in both Information Systems and Accounting and over 10 years of experience as the CFO of numerous companies, you can be confident that Dave and his team are handling your accounting correctly and helping you make good decisions with accurate financial information and sound advice.     

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You need venture cfo if:

You're facing some kind of crisis 

The IRS came knocking, and your financial records aren't organized like they should be. The state came knocking and your sales tax hasn't been handled correctly. You're struggling with cash flow and you can't figure out why. You wish you would have invested in good accounting a lot earlier, but better late than never. 

You're both too big and too small

You're too big to wing it, but you're too small for an experienced accounting team. You can afford a bookkeeper, but you want more experience and stability than an entry-level bookkeeper can provide. We can provide the expertise and reliability of a full accounting team from CFO down to bookkeeper for the same or less than a bookkeeper.  

You're trying to do it all yourself

You know enough to be dangerous, and you're saving money by doing the bookkeeping, paying the bills, running payroll, etc yourself. But it's becoming too much. You're not sure if you're doing everything correctly, and you need more time to run your business. 


You're ready to take it to the next level

Banks or investors need accurate financial statements and confidence that your finances are in good hands. 

You want it done right

You know the value of clean books and accurate financial data. Maybe you're not in crisis or overwhelmed or ready for funding, but you're thinking ahead. You know those times will come, and you want to be ready. 



Find more hours in your day

There are never enough hours in the day, and accounting doesn't need to drain away the precious hours you do have. Stop doing the books yourself or managing an inexperienced bookkeeper. Stop recruiting and training new bookkeepers when they leave. Stop paying bills. Stop sending financial reports to your bank or investors. Let us be your last accounting hire, and let us almost completely eliminate the time you spend on accounting. You'll still want us to tell you how your business is doing and help you use use financial data to make good decisions, but that's the fun part.

Focus on building your business

Use the hours freed from accounting to build your business. Or enjoy some time off. Or poke your eye with a sharp stick. Anything but accounting.    

Sleep peacefully at night

Have confidence that you know how your business is doing and you have nothing to hide from the tax man. 


You probably don't care to about all the details of what we can do for you. You just want us to take care of it. But here's a boring list anyway. 

Outsource your accounting department

Let us become your CFO-led accounting department. Outsource all or part of your finance, accounting, bookkeeping, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and payroll. Know your back office is in good hands so you can focus on building your business. You can also be confident that you have good numbers to make decisions with. 

Have a CFO on your team

Get CFO-level advice and insight without the cost of a full-time CFO. CFO's should do much more than keep the books. Let us be your trusted strategic advisor.  We can meet your needs as interim or long-term, part-time CFO. 

show lenders and investors that you know what you're doing

Bankers and investors need to have confidence that they are providing capital based on accurate financial information. They also want to be comfortable that their funding will be watched carefully and used wisely. A CFO experienced with many millions in debt and equity funding events will provide this confidence. 

Understand your cash flows

Cash is the life blood of your business. Do you understand your cash position now? A month from now? A week from now? We can help you track your cash flows and project your future cash position. 

Make sure you have the best software tools

Having good numbers for decision-making starts with having the right software systems. We can review your current systems and if necessary help you select and implement new systems. We understand the intersection of accounting and technology. 

Improve your processes

Do you feel like your business processes could be more effective and efficient? We can review your processes and use our experience with many different businesses to improve your processes. 

Handle both sides of the border

We are experienced with both US and Canadian companies. From state sales tax to GST, from the IRS to the CRA, from GAAP to ASPE, we know the lingo. 

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We know technology

Accounting technology is advancing rapidly, and while we don't chase shiny objects, we keep up on the latest and greatest tools. 

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